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So here it is, September, and I’m getting started on my third month of my blogging and side hustle journey!  August was one heck of a month!  I live in Corpus Christi, Texas, and we are picking up the pieces (along with our neighboring towns) from Hurricane Harvey.  I’m excited to write this post about my savings app success because I’m really going to need that extra money for repairs to my home and to replace the extra money spent on hurricane supplies!  I hope others will see how easy it is so they, too, can have a little extra money each month.


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So many people struggle with paying their bills each month, yet they are hesitant to try apps and programs that others recommend.  Why?  Most likely out of a fear that there must be some kind of catch.  I share my success reports in hopes that my readers will try them out and see for themselves that these apps and programs DO work.  None of these require you to buy anything (other than what you had already intended to purchase) and they are all FREE to sign up for.  Why wouldn’t you try them? You nothing have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time.  By not trying them, you are literally throwing money away.



Each month I post a Blog Income Report for the previous month to show my progress and give hope to other bloggers who hope to earn income.  This month I decided to also do a report for my Savings App Success for all the non-bloggers who just want to save money.  This month’s report will actually be a total for July & August (I began everything in July).

Savings App Success Report for July-August 2017

$12.71  Ebates

$11.76  BeFrugal

$38.25  Ibotta

$21.15  Checkout 51

$12.86  Walmart Savings Catcher


ReceiptHog:  851 Coins (points)

ReceiptPal:  2550 points

Shopkick:  3418 kicks




These are my number one savings app success programs!  I am still amazed that so many people still aren’t using these programs when doing online shopping.  This is the #1 super-easiest way to save money when you shop online – and even for some in-store purchases.  BeFrugal and Ebates should be your FIRST STOP before doing any online shopping.  You can read my post How I Save Money and Receive Cash Back using Ebates to learn more about how these programs work.  You can sign up for Ebates here.  BeFrugal works pretty much the same as Ebates.  The main difference is they often have different cash back offers on any given day.  My savings strategy is to check them BOTH to see which one has the higher offer that day and use that one.  Also, BeFrugal has a higher referral bonus!  Sign up for BeFrugal here and start racking up that cash back!


Everyone goes grocery shopping, right?  And most everyone has their smart phone with them right?  So WHY don’t you have these apps on there so you can save some of that hard-earned money?  As you can see, I earned almost $60 in July and August from my grocery shopping trips using these apps.  These are better than coupons (although you can combine them) because you get actual MONEY BACK kind of like a rebate check.  As soon as I get home from my shopping trip and put everything away, I immediately snap a pic of receipt and upload it to these apps.  It’s so simple, yet most people aren’t doing it.  You can read more about Ibotta in my post How I Make Money Shopping with Ibotta

Checkout 51 is very similar to Ibotta in that you scan receipts for purchasing particular grocery items.  It’s important to use both of them because you will often find the same products on both apps which means you can earn extra savings!


I do the majority of my shopping for groceries and household necessities at Walmart.  They have an app that you can download and in it, there is a section called “Savings Catcher.”  Anytime I shop at Walmart, I can scan the QRC code at the bottom of the receipt and it will scan all competitors ads for that week to see if anything I purchased is on sale elsewhere for a lower price.  If it is, Walmart will give me the difference – loaded onto a Walmart gift card in my account.  This isn’t a huge money maker, but if you do shop often at Walmart, it sure beats having to bring all the local ads in to do price-matching!  If you do this all year, it could give you a little extra money for Christmas shopping!


These are two more apps that I just can’t believe everyone isn’t using!  They are free to download and use and all you have to do is scan and upload the receipts for the purchases you are already making!  No, seriously!  That’s it!  You earn points for the receipts and also get extra opportunities to earn more points through other means.  Accumulate your points all year and trade them in for gift cards to places like Amazon!  This is literally FREE MONEY for doing stuff you are already doing!!  My goals are to use all my points for Amazon card to do my Christmas shopping each year.



Shopkick is a great app that is free to download and sign up for.  You basically get points “kicks” for things like walking into stores, scanning products (whether you buy them or not) and also for purchasing certain items.  You can even earn kicks for your online shopping and view products at online stores.  I rack up my kicks when I grocery shop by scanning every item listed since I”m already going through the isles.  I’ve even got my 13-year-old daughter hooked with earning her kicks!  Why?  Redeem your kicks for gift cards to your favorite stores!  This is how she earns her own spending money without me having to account for it from my budget!   Sign up for Shopkick now or read more about Shopkick in my post How I made $500 Earning Points on my Phone



So, you can see my savings app success for the last two months.  All of these are completely FREE to download and sign up for.  I’m not kidding when I say you are throwing money away by not using them.  I don’t have time to clip coupons so this is an easy way for me to save money on my normal shopping needs.  But, if you do clip coupons, you can save even more on the Ibotta and Checkout 51 apps!  So what are you waiting for?  Click on my referral links provided above and get to saving (and earning!)



Check out some great reads on other ways to bring in extra money – aka “side hustles.”  These are where I’ve learned all the tips and tricks I share with you!


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  1. Nate Kidd | 8th Sep 17

    That is a pretty significant savings. I am a big fan of ebates as well. Also love the title of your blog. I am a veteran who served for 25 years. Keep the content coming – lovely blog.

    • myveteranwoman | 8th Sep 17

      Thank you! I was medically retired at 18. Fell hard after I got out, and learned that so many veterans do as well. That’s what led to the blog. I’ve learned so much and wanted to share with other vets who may be struggling with employment and finances after they get out.

  2. Kristi McAllister | 8th Sep 17

    Wow! I had no idea that so many options even existed! I had only heard of ebates and I do a lot of online shopping, so I’m going to start using some of these today. It also looks like it takes very little effort to utilitize some of these things! Thanks for all the info. Great post!

    • myveteranwoman | 8th Sep 17

      You definitely need to use Ebates and BeFrugal. I try to only shop places that offer a cash back savings through one of them!

  3. Emily Lewis | 14th Sep 17

    Wow, excellent post. I had no clue you could earn money back for your regular shopping. Thank you!

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