Blog Income Report – How I Made $425 in My Second Month of Blogging

Fall is here and I’m starting my third month of blogging!  I’ve had an amazing first two months and am just so ecstatic about more than doubling my income since last month on this Blog Income Report.  Last month I only reported on the financial piece – how much I made from my blog.  This month, however, I also want to talk about goals I’ve set and strategies I’ve implemented to reach them.


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I’m so excited to share my second blog income report with you this month!  Why am I sharing it?  Well, I know there are many out there who wonder about the ability to make money from blogging.  Yes, I’ve only been doing it for 2 months, but 2 months ago, I couldn’t tell the first thing about blogging, yet today I’m sharing my income success!  I want to give hope and inspiration to other’s considering blogging to let them know YES YOU CAN MAKE MONEY!  You can read my First Month’s Blog Income Report and see that I generated income even in my first 30 days!

Blog Traffic

One of the things I wanted to work on last month was to increase traffic to my blog and increase my Pinterest reach.  Boy did I make that goal!  I increased my page views by 64%, going from 2255 in July to 3702 in August.  I tripled my email subscribers from 30 in July to 94 in August.  I’m thinking “Dang!  People must really like what I post!”  As far as Pinterest, I am just super-duper excited about my success with my pins!  By the end of July, my pins were averaging a little over 16K average views with an average engagement of 534. In August it increased to over 75K average views and 1931 average engagement!






Top Blog Posts for August

Although I was still learning how to promote my blog, find Facebook and Pinterest groups to join, and figure out what the heck SEO is, I still managed to write seven blog posts in August.  Oh, and don’t forget Hurricane Harvey knocking my power out for a few days (I live in Corpus Christi, Texas)!  Oh, did I mention that I launched a second blog as well this month?  Hop on over to GIRL BOSSES ROCK and check it out.  Here are the top posts for the month:

The Military Resume – Why Veterans Struggle with Landing a Job (751 views)

My First Blog Income Report (505 views)

Must-Have Resources and Tools for New Bloggers (294 views)

Life with Four Dobies – How I Save Money on Dog Food and Pet Supplies (207 views)


Promoting my Blog

In order to make money, you MUST promote you blog posts!  During my first month, I was running crazy trying to promote on many social media platforms.  I’m glad I did that because, by the end of that first month, I was able to see which platforms were most effective.  During this second month, I focused on a select few.  Pinterest is the number one driver of traffic to my blog, followed by Facebook.  I also share on Twitter and LinkedIn and get a good amount of traffic (although nothing close to what Pinterest and Facebook sends) from them.  

Now you might wonder how in the heck I find the time to promote on so many platforms, and still find time to write new posts!  I am certain that I wouldn’t have the success I’ve had without the use of a couple of scheduling tools!


HootSuite is great for scheduling my Twitter and Facebook posts.  I love the bulk scheduling tool which allows me to upload multiple posts at once.  I normally spend about an hour twice a month scheduling posts two weeks out.  I schedule my blog posts to re-post on Twitter several times throughout the month to ensure they are being seen since Twitter is such a quick view platform.  In addition to my blog posts, I also schedule inspirational quotes and other content on both platforms.  It is super important to not be “all business” with your social media.  At least once a day, I take a break and scroll through my Twitter feed to read and share other people’s tweets.


Now, I told you my number one driver of traffic was Pinterest.  But I don’t just make a pin and upload it once.  In order to be successful with Pinterest, you MUST be active and pin often.  Tailwind has been such a huge time-saving tool for me to accomplish this!  I absolutely love Tailwind!  I do some manual pinning, but with Tailwind, I can spend about an hour or two each month pinning my content out for the next month.  I can also pin other people’s pins as well – and that is also very important because you need to have a variety of different pins on your boards (not just your own).  Tailwind also has Tribes, which are like group boards in which other members share your pins to increase their reach.  You can join Tailwind for FREE and get a $15 credit to use if you decide to upgrade to a paid plan!

Already using Tailwind and want to join one of my Tribes?  Click below to join!

Girl Bosses Rock Beginners (for newbie bloggers to share any niche content)

The Military & Veteran Connection (for sharing of military/veteran related content and content written by military spouses)


The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately!Click To Tweet


How I Earned $425 This Month

I’m still overjoyed with doubling my blog’s income for this month!

Google AdSense

Ebates Referrals (this is from referrals only – not cash back on purchases)

BeFrugal Referrals (this is from referrals only – not cash back on purchases)

Ibotta Referrals

Share A Sale

Swagbucks via Awin

SendOwl for Pinterest Ninja sales

Grammarly is AWESOME!  Not only do I promote it but I have it installed on all our home computers and laptops

Also, check out Side Hustle – Savings App Success to see the other money I managed to bring in this month on a personal level (not from the blog).  This is a great read for you single moms and others trying to make your dollar go a bit further.




I have quite a few goals – remember – this is only the beginning of my THIRD month of blogging.

1.  Write a minimum of 2 blog posts per week

2.  Re-design my Pinterest board covers

3.  Create a few more Pinterest group boards and Tailwind Tribes

4.  Lower my bounce rate

5.  Increase blog subscribers by 10

6.  Continue working on 2nd blog GIRL BOSSES ROCK and write a minimum of one post per week there

7.  DOUBLE my blog income from this month!


Thinking about starting a blog yourself?  Check out my post How to Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide for step-by-step instructions as well as great resources for getting it up and running.  Happy Blogging!


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