My First Blog Income Report – How I Made $179.37 in my First 30 Days of Blogging

I am so SUPER DUPER OMG excited to share my FIRST blog income report!  So many said that it would take years to make money from a blog but here I am reporting on the almost $200 I made in my first month!  Now, $200 doesn’t sound like much, but it IS something!  And for someone who literally knew nothing about setting up a blog or what affiliate marketing was, I’d say that’s pretty darn awesome!  And we are barely into the first two weeks of August and I’m already passing that number!  Now that I see what is possible, I want to break it all down and hopefully inspire others to start their own blogs and stop worrying about how to pay their bills!


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Why am I sharing the details of how much money I made on my first blog income report?  Simple.  I’ve proven that it IS indeed possible once you learn how it all works.  Also, I know that many single moms out there, or even dads and college students, need a side hustle or even a career change.  I want to provide them the tools to make blogging an option for them.  Be sure to also check out How to Start A Blog – Beginner’s Guide for detailed instructions on starting your blog when you don’t know where to begin.




Before I go into the details of my first blog income report, I just want to let everyone know how I got here.  I never thought of blogging as something I would be doing but here I am doing it.  I was medically retired from the military after almost 18 years of service.  It took me almost a full year to get hired.  I was able to stay with that job for about three years but I suffer from intense migraines and some other medical issues.  The blog idea began, not as an income stream, but as an outlet for my thoughts.  Once I got connected to the blogging community and learned how blogging CAN produce substantial income, I was hooked!

Now, my goal (aside from paying my mortgage) is to help others who may be struggling financially, to start their own blogs and make their way to financial independence.  I really want to empower those single moms and other women who are living in poverty to take control of their lives and provide them with the tools to be successful!




Before I go into the money part, I just wanted to share a few of the resources that helped me this first month.  I know there are many newbies out there so I’m all about sharing the tools I’ve found useful so others can benefit.  I would go far as to say these are MUST HAVES if you want to succeed as a blogger and generate income from it.  Except for the educational pieces, the tools mentioned are free, but you should upgrade as soon as you start generating income because of the additional tools you will have access to.




Web Hosting


BLUEHOST – Before you can even think about writing anything, you must have a host for your website!  I love Bluehost!  You can get web hosting for $3.95/month plus a FREE domain!  Their customer service is awesome and I get the answers I need right away. They even have the chat option so you don’t have to sit on the phone (perfect for those with small kids that you must tend to!).  Sign up for Bluehost now!


Save Time and Make it Right


TAILWIND – Pinterest is a proved method of getting traffic to your site but can VERY time-consuming.  Tailwind is an auto-scheduling program that enables you to schedule your pins and spin more time on writing more posts.  What I love most about Tailwind are the Tribes.  These are groups that you can join and pin your content for other members to repin.  Tailwind is FREE to join and if you sign up here with my referral link, you’ll get a $15 credit towards a paid plan!  Want to join your very first Tribe?  Enter your info below and I’ll send you the link to join my Tribe “Girl Bosses Rock Beginners” specifically for beginning bloggers!


GRAMMARLY – I don’t care how well you write or how great of a speller you are, you should always have someone (or something) double check your work.  Grammarly is a free tool that you can add as an extension to your browser which lets you know any mistakes you’ve made.  When you are up late working on a blog post, you can get in a hurry and overlook spelling, grammar, context, and other things.  You always want to ensure what you publish is worth reading and error-free!  Get your extension now!


Graphics Tools

CANVA – Canva is a free graphics program to make your blog graphics for social media as well as ones for the blog itself.  This is a free program, although you can upgrade to a paid version to access more graphics and designs.  I initially signed up for the paid program, but soon realized I didn’t need the extras so I downgraded back to the free plan.  

PICMONKEY – PicMonkey is a MUST for making Pinterest Pins that will produce results and generate blog income!  You can sign up for free right here!  The key to Pinterest pins is created beautiful, eye-catching LONG pins of a certain length.  PicMonkey has these exact templates so you will definitely be needing this one!  Sign up for your free trial now!



When I made the decision to blog as a career, I wanted to make sure I started off in the know.  I have a bad habit of just jumping into things and then learning how I could have done it easier much later.  Since earning income was a goal (because I HAVE to pay my mortgage), I wanted to make sure I knew tips and tricks BEFORE I just jumped into it and wasted time and money.  I’m so glad I did because I learned SO much by learning from other bloggers who shared the secrets of their success.  For most of these, you will need to sign up for a FREE SendOwl account, so go ahead and do that now.


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Suzi Whitford’s Blog by Number course and E-book – I had absolutely ZERO no idea how to even start a blog or how to promote it.  Suzi Whitford does an amazing job at “dumbing it down” for people like myself.  She goes step-by-step through setting up your page, how to pick topics to write about, and how to promote it.  And for those that learn better by “watching” instead of just reading, her e-course has tons of videos of her explaining things (and her baby is usually there with her!)  I HIGHLY recommend her E-book and course if you are a beginner or newbie.


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The She Approach – This was actually the very first e-book I purchased when I made the decision to blog.  She gives so many tips and tricks for using Tailwind and also gives you access to her complete resource library.  This is a MUST HAVE for any beginning blogger!  Get your copy now!


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Pinterest Ninja – If you expect to make REAL money with your blog, you must use Pinterest and master the “science” behind using it!  I actually bought this book later in the month and you can see in the image below, the immediate hike in my pin activity!  Yes, you can create beautiful images and in them, but if you don’t understand how Pinterest SEO works and how/when to schedule pins, then your pins may not go anywhere or be shared/re-pinned.  Megan does an AMAZING job at explaining how it all works and does so in very BASIC terms that anyone can understand!  Get your copy here and get those pins working for you!







Ok, drum roll…..(sorry, just always wanted to say that!)

JULY INCOME  – $179.37

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Now I want to note that since this was my very first month, I did have a few expenses.  That means that I’m still in the “red” for the month.  I mention this because many often confuse total revenue with how much you actually profit.  But the point of this post is that my blog DID make almost $200 in its first 4 weeks!




I use a variety of methods to generate income with my blog such as ads and affiliate marketing. For those of you reading this who may be brand new to the blogging world (like I was), I’m going to break down some of these terms and give you some AWESOME resources to get you started on your blogging journey.




There are several different advertising programs out there, but I use Google AdSense.  They are super-duper easy to use (especially for geek-challenged people like me!).  You basically just place a couple of ads on your blog and if someone clicks on them, you earn a small commission (called pay-per-click).  Now, of course, they have controls in place to ensure you aren’t just sitting there clicking your own ads – like who would do that?!  There are all sorts of plug-ins that you can install on your blog to help you with placing them strategically.  But seriously, you just place them there, and check back later to see if you’ve earned any money!  It is important to note that you will get better results the higher your site traffic.




I’ll post more in depth on affiliate marketing later.  In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is when you promote or mention products or services on behalf of another company or individual and they pay you a percentage of the sale or a fixed commission on the sale.  There are SO MANY affiliate programs out there for every blogging niche.  For this blog income report, I did make more money with my ads, however, as of this writing, I’m already seeing revenue from my affiliate programs!  I signed up for most of them late in the month so now I’m beginning to see the results!



Regardless of your niche, there are a few Affiliates that are somewhat “universal” meaning any niche can benefit.  I’m going to mention a few of them here as well as the ones that contributed to my first month blog income.  Many of these are also products or services that I’ve used or purchased that also have an affiliate program.  Always find out if a product or service you subscribe to or purchase has an affiliate program!




Share a Sale

Send Owl







I hope you learned just a little (or a LOT) from my first month’s blog income report!  If anyone tries to tell you that it takes years and significant traffic to your site before you can earn any money, well here is PROOF they don’t know what they are talking about!

If you want to learn more about blogging and affiliate marketing, sign up to get new posts delivered right to your inbox!  Subscribers will also get access to my Awesome Resource Library which has tons of resources – everything I’ve used so far and more!  Sign up in the box above!


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  1. Oumarou Sanda | 8th Aug 17

    Such a great post full of usual informations. This is a really early bird blog. I am curious to know how you get accepted to Adsense in just one month? How many posts, how does it take to get there?

    • myveteranwoman | 8th Aug 17

      You know, I read everywhere that it is difficult to get accepted by AdSense but I got accepted almost immediately! Maybe it was my niche or the content they say me writing about? I don’t really know and was really surprised when they approve me so quickly!

  2. Linda | 8th Aug 17

    Thank you for sharing, it is really insightful with lots of useful tips and suggestions!

    • myveteranwoman | 8th Aug 17

      Thank you! I hope it inspires a newbie blogger out there!

  3. Mike Leonard | 8th Aug 17

    Great job on everything especially Pinterest. Love reading income reports!

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  6. Rick | 12th Aug 17

    Great job! What was your traffic? And how did you manage to get enough traffic in one month to make that much from Google Adsense? Thanks!

  7. Ms. Health-Esteem | 12th Aug 17

    I’m so happy you had such a fantastic month! And thank you for sharing all of this wonderful advice. I hope you see tons of growth as you continue blogging. ♡

  8. beckybco | 13th Aug 17

    Thanks for so much great info! I have purchased that first book you recommended and I am going to buy the second one you recommended too.

  9. Brown Sugar | 13th Aug 17

    You are doing so well for your first month! My first month I made $20 something. Your off to a good start.

  10. Sophia | 13th Aug 17

    I love reading these!

  11. Jelena BB | 13th Aug 17

    Thank you for sharing your income with us. It is great inspiration for me 🙂

  12. Melinda Anderson | 13th Aug 17

    That’s awesome! I always love to see bloggers doing well!

  13. Lou | 14th Aug 17

    Amazing! I’ve been blogging for about 6 months and I’ve barely made 10 bucks haha! Really informative post

  14. Janice Hylton | 14th Aug 17

    Thanks for sharing. I really don’t like ads because i hate pop ups and some blogs you go on you cant read without an ad popping up. But i might need to think about this some more.

  15. Elaine | 14th Aug 17

    That’s awesome! Congratulations! So which book / course was most beneficial?

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  17. Krista Aoki | 21st Aug 17

    Wow congratulations! i’ve never earned very much with google adsense, maybe I need to try it out again! woop woop! you go girl!


    • myveteranwoman | 21st Aug 17

      Thanks! I was very surprised with my success on AdSense! Going to start trying out some other avenues soon also to see if I do better.

  18. saltandskillet | 21st Aug 17

    Some great information here! I just started my blog in late July and definitely don’t have a lot of traffic…most days are less than 10 views. I’ve been trying to get Pinterest to work for me but I must be doing something wrong…perhaps I’ll check out that Pinterest Ninja! I’ve already invested about $300 into my blog and am hoping to get into the black soon…I’d love to make it my career, as I have always wanted to be a writer and educator!

    Thanks for the great post!


    • myveteranwoman | 21st Aug 17

      I do highly recommend Pinterest Ninja. She really breaks down how to make Pinterest work. Are you pinning to group boards or Tailwind Tribes? Also, are you making long, vertical pins? Those are very important in getting any action on Pinterest!

      • saltandskillet | 21st Aug 17

        I am a part of a couple of group boards and have been working on finding more, but mostly never get replied to. My pins are vertical! Group boards have definitely been great so far! Thanks 🙂

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