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Many veterans struggle with finding a job after leaving the military.  One avenue that is rarely considered is blogging.  You CAN make money as a military or veteran blogger!




Why do Veterans Struggle with Employment

There are many reasons that veterans struggle with finding (or keeping) a job after leaving the military.  It ranges from issues with their resume to having many medical appointments that interfere with a “normal” work schedule.  Many also just don’t know where they fit as a civilian.

Their Resume

One main reason is they don’t know how to write a proper military resume.  Having worked in veteran employment for a few years right after I got out, I would say the military resume is probably the #1 reason for veterans not succeeding with employment.  You can read my post The Military Resume – Why Veterans Struggle with Landing a Job for more in-depth information about that.

Their Health

Many veterans come home with a variety of health issues and conditions.  The issue or condition alone doesn’t always prevent them from working, but the number of weekly medical appointments or physical therapy does.  Who wants to hire someone that is gone half the week for medical appointments?  If not for all these absences, most veterans could probably work circles around their co-workers!

Who am I?

For many veterans, the transition from the military is one that often leads to depression that stems from a lack of job satisfaction.  They were important and needed in the jobs they held.  But now, they struggle and take jobs they are well over-qualified for simply to pay the rent.  When you don’t enjoy the work you are doing, you will be miserable but veterans also have a need to feel needed and important.




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All veterans possess a single trait that could literally be a gold mine.  They all have a vast array of skills, experiences, and knowledge that can be shared with the world!  Blogging is simply a means of sharing that with others by writing about it.  And I’m not just talking about military-specific stuff.  You can blog about your travels or about a particular subject that you happen to know a lot about.  There are so many niches that veterans and military folks could blog about and make money.


I served in the Navy for almost 18 years and was fortunate to see so much of the world.  If you fall into that category, did you take lots of pictures?  Did you go on tours?  Check out a couple of travel blogs and you’ll see how you can share your travel adventures as a veteran blogger.  See how easily you could use your travels to make money as a military or veteran blogger?


One thing is for sure, military and veterans know a lot about a lot of things!  Maybe you are in a technology field/MOS such as IT.  When someone does an internet or Pinterest search for a tech issue they are having, many of the search results are actually blogs written by tech junkies!  What about gaming?  I’ve seen some amazing blogs about the latest video games and gaming platforms.  How about you military working dog handlers?

** GUNS & STUFF **

For you 11B’s out there who think you’ll never land a good civilian job because of your MOS, you ARE an expert at guns and tactical stuff.  Do you know how many people will turn to the internet to learn how to clean a gun or which gun is the best for this or that?  I pretty much bet you could give them some expert advice!  Not only for you own blog, but many companies will pay you for writing content on their company sites including “how-to” and weapon safety articles.  This is also a great option for other fields/MOS’s in which weapons and tactical gear is something you have to master such as weapons instructors or security forces.  Below are a couple of blogs I like which talk about different topics related to weapons and tactical gear.


Are you someone that others constantly come to for advice on things like business or saving money?  Why not put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and write articles on it?  It is so much easier to search the internet or Pinterest for advice or tips on business topics or how to save money than to pay for a professional to help!  There are some really great business and financial niche blogs out there and you could join them!


Everyone has some kind of hobby or thing they like to “tinker with.”  Maybe you are great at crafts or scrapbooking.  Maybe you are an avid hunter or fisherman and are always up to speed on the latest hunting and fishing gear.  Hobbies such as these can lead to great sponsored post opportunities (discussed below).  These are all things others blog about.


Are you (or were you) a single parent or dual military?  How did you manage deployments?  What resources helped you through some of the struggles of military life?  Why not share those with others currently going through them?  I’ve found some really great blogs written by military spouses, but you as a military member could reach a whole different audience!  Here are some military lifestyle blogs that I follow:


So many veterans struggle during and after their transition with mental health and the TRANSITION overall.  If you have found your way back and succeeded in overcoming some of these struggles, why not share it so other veterans can benefit?  That’s how this blog got started!  My blog actually covers three categories:  Veteran Resources, Saving Money, and Entrepreneur Dreams. In my veteran posts, I write about the many resources out there, but you will also find posts related to mental health.  I love to fish and was so happy to find Heroes on the Water.  Check out my post Kayak Fishing – Nature’s Mental Health Therapy written the morning after a fishing trip with them.



Ok, so I’ve given you a brief overview of WHY you should looking into blogging.  Bet you are wondering HOW do I make money as a military or veteran blogger?  I read so many articles a few years ago saying that it would take years and have a huge following to generate ANY revenue from a blog.  WRONG!!  I made almost $200 during my first 30 days of blogging so it is possible. Check out my post My First Blog Income Report – How I Made $179.37 in my First 30 Days of Blogging to see how I did it.



Since this post is about how to make money as a military or veteran blogger, you can hop over and read about How to Start A Blog – Beginners Guide for a step-by-step tutorial on getting started.


There are a variety of ways to generate income with a blog.  Advertisements and affiliate marketing are the ones most bloggers get started with.  As you grow your blog, you can begin applying for sponsored posts and a few other options.


Ever notice all the ads at the top, bottom, and within the content of other blogs and websites?  Well, those ads are there because the blog owner has placed them there to earn revenue.  Many of them are pay per click, meaning you earn a small commission each time someone clicks on the ad (whether they buy or subscribe to the service or not).  These aren’t always huge revenue streams, but every little bit counts and ads are passive income that you really just place and forget about.  I personally use Google AdSense, but there are others out there.  In my first month, my ads earned me just over $100 so it DOES bring in something!


Affiliate marketing is where you promote a company’s products or services and get paid a commission if someone signs up or makes a purchase.  This is actually really easy if you promote products or services you actually use.  Amazon Affiliates is a perfect program for new bloggers because they are super simple to set up and they don’t require minimum site traffic to approve you. If you’d like to see all the affiliate programs I use, enter your info below and you’ll get access to my complete Bloggers Resource Library which lists every resource I use as a blogger!




A sponsored post is where a company pays to you give a review of their products or services.  Who doesn’t like to try stuff and then talk about it?  As you build your audience and maybe even the topics you write about, your sponsored post opportunities grow as well.


If you have a knack for writing (meaning you can actually write pretty well), you could also do freelance writing.  This is where you write articles for other blogs or companies and get paid for it. You can find lots of freelance writing opportunities by looking on places like Craigslist or Job Banks.


I know that writing isn’t for everyone, but you don’t have to be some great author to be a blogger.  For me, this journey began as a way to connect with others.  I struggled with depression and PTSD after leaving the military, along with severe migraines.  This prevented me from keeping a regular job.  I did stay with Texas Veterans Commission for about three years, but eventually, my ailments won and I had to leave.  I now use my blog and some other side hustles to pay my bills and not live like a pauper.

I’d say it really boils down to this:  How bad do you want it?  How bad do you want to succeed again?  I couldn’t just sit home and sulk and fall further into my depression so I did something about it.  You can too!  Not sure about blogging just yet but want to keep up with other RESOURCES FOR VETERANS?  You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, follow this blog (subscribe below!).



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