Choosing a Web Hosting Service – Why Bluehost is the Best

So you’ve finally decided to get your blog started! I bet you are just super excited and also a little nervous about doing everything right.  Don’t worry!  Making the decision to finally do it was the hardest part! It’s always difficult to take such a huge step but I can assure you, it will be well worth the sweat!  Choosing a web hosting service is one of the first steps that you must take.  I’m going to explain why Bluehost is my top recommendation!






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When I started my blog, I literally knew nothing about the process or what was needed.  I took some time to research the different hosting services to see which one was best for my blog.  It didn’t take long to see that Bluehost was the best option!


Reason #1

Bluehost is actually recommended by for hosting WordPress sites (which mine is).  If WordPress recommends them, why would I choose another host?


Reason #2

On top of the already great low price, they give you a FREE domain!  Like most new bloggers, funds are limited so it’s great to NOT have to pay out for a domain.


Reason #3

As I already mentioned, they have great pricing options – which is super important for new bloggers on a limited budget! You can get started for less than $4/month.  Oh, and if you are signed up with Ebates you can get $10 cash back on the plan you purchase!  Sign up for Ebates now and save when you sign up for Bluehost!  You can see the plans offered below.  The basic plan is really great if you are on a limited budget.  As your blog progresses you can always upgrade to a better plan.  I actually started with the Prime plan because it was cheaper for the add-on’s this way.  Also, I opted for the higher plan because I knew I’d be launching a second blog and the upgraded plans allow for unlimited websites to be managed from it.  A  month after launching this blog, I launched Girl Bosses Rock and didn’t have to pay for an additional host!  Right now the Prime plan is on sale for less than 1/2 it’s regular price and for the same price as the (lower) Plus plan!




Reason #4

They have the best customer service!  I was so lost on setting up everything and was able to use their awesome chat function.  Every time I ran into a problem (because I didn’t know what I was doing haha) the person on chat was always able to help me figure it out quickly.  I love the chat feature because you don’t have to worry about keeping the background noise quiet (I have 4 loud inside dogs) and don’t have to deal with being put on phone hold.  Whether you use the chat feature or prefer actually speaking to a human, their customer support is available 24/7.


Reason #5

As if you needed another reason for picking Bluehost when choosing a web hosting service, they give you $150 in advertising credits to use for Google, Bing, and other search engines to help kick off promoting your blog!  SCORE!!




Now that you understand why Bluehost is my  #1 top pick in choosing a web hosting service, what are you waiting for?  SIGN UP NOW for Bluehost and get your blog up and running in just a few easy steps!

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  1. Lexi Mary | 14th Sep 17

    love your post, Bluehost is the ideal indeed. hopefully you’ll get some newbies to teach about these 🙂

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    lovely post.. keep you .. nice to read through ..

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